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Books for everyone!

Posted on Abr 27, 2016 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Hello hello!
How was your Sant Jordi (St. George) weekend? We celebrated with A&L’s wedding, a pair of journalists, who couldn’t have chosen a more romantic date for their wedding.
It was wonderful… with beautiful personal details and some links to the human castles, and Sant Jordi! 😉

Today’s post comes with literary recommendations from l’Avellana. Some may know… some may not… but from now on they will: There’s no TV in la Avellana! Surprise!

That’s why books, short stories, design magazines, interior design publications and the newspaper… has become our own particular day to day TVs.
However we love films: We love to cuddle up and watch films under our warm blanket, while drowning in pillows! It becomes the big moment of the week. 😉




And since it couldn’t be any other way, this Sant Jordi, we have broadened our own homemade collection of books (it could almost be declared a library 😉 Above all the children’s literature section xoxo ).

In the little stall that the village school put together, we found a little jewel of a book for children: Sant Jordi a la Cova del drac, (Saint George in the Dragon’s Cave) by Vivint Del Cuentu. Cheers Riudecols and our school! I’ll tell you about it at the end but it’s a story that’s a little reexplained, or the legend of Sant Jordi inside out… the “dragon” isn’t exactly a “dragon”… so I’ll leave it here! We totally recommend it, its so funny! The little ones are sure to love it!




We especially enjoyed getting this book because at home our Avellana daddy is always reinventing stories, turning them around, and we love distorting reality, and Massimo has a master’s degree in originality, of that you can be sure! So as you can see, this book of a distorted story of Sant Jordi is perfect for inspiring the Avellana chaos and madness… hahaha

Using our “book moment” to tell about another one that’s been on our shelf for years and that I love looking at over and over again with our girls… It’s called People by Peter Spier. I came across it by coincidence and I fell in love with it. The book perfectly explains the differences between people, cultures, ways of living. It’s a children’s book, but sometimes I think it could do some adults a lot of good…




And speaking of adults, don’t even think that I don’t have a recommendation for adults. First I want to tell you about one of Massimo’s favorite books: Diary of a Body by Daniel Pennac. This book tells of the adventures had by a “body” from birth until death. We love all of the books by this author in general, because they’re wonderful! Don’t hesitate to read it if you get the chance. And finally, I’ll end this chapter of Avellana recommendations with Silk by Alessandro Baricco. I’ve already read it several times, this delicate novel tells a very special love story. Its wonderful, subtle, and tender. An authentic pleasure to read!




Well guys, I’ll leave you here with my recommendations. I promise there will be another round of recommendations, I’ve enjoyed this!

I hope that in this society of technology, that we never lose the good habit of thumbing through the pages of a book, losing oneself in their stories, falling in love with good writing, and getting excited over adorable illustrations.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sant Jordi, and that you’re glued to a good book that you were given, that you’ve found, or that you’ve simply taken one of the shelf again.



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