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Here’s another Oktoberfest!

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Yes, we are still alive but it is clear that I need more hands to organize weddings, be a trimami and write on the blog! XD
So now that I’ve found a some time among my many tasks, and many have asked me if we already had the photos… what better way to explain how was the last super event organized here on the finca? Today it’s Oktoberfest day! Everything good is made to wait. 😉



What a good time we had! Every year is more fun and more people come! We are very happy for the welcome it has year after year.
Although the wind at the last moment made us move the party to the patio of the olive trees (we love last minute changes 😉), everything worked as planned. This year the Oktoberfest delights were brought to us by Mallol Cátering. The beers and the frankfurts were flying from here to there! And more than one finished with a hat very suitable for the occasion.



A lot of stalls with a lot of objects, toys and clothes were placed around the olive trees. With the Pixelmatón we made a thousand photos (enough to fill an entire wall of the finca 😉), and with the drone of Sr. Dron we made some laughs lying on the floor making «scenes» of the most fun.


In addition, Marta (together with whom 6 years ago we designed this crazy party … and we started to «play» to disguise ourselves as Germans with about 50 people hahahah !!!) did not miss the appointment and made sure that little ones and not so little ones danced for a few hours to the rhythm of the music played by Friends and Sound. Even the «gegant» of Riudecols of la Colla Gegantera of the town accompanied us for another year! A pleasure to have this big man among us.



And with Elena de Blanco and Caramelo and Guillem and Mireia de HoiPoi all the moments of this Oktoberfest were super well immortalized. You see it.

Oktoberfest 17 from HoiPoi Produccions on Vimeo.

Once again, a billion thanks to everyone for participating, for coming, for laughing and for enjoying! THANK YOU!
… and THANKS to all the suppliers for signing up year after year to this fun ¡sarao avellanero !!!


To see all the galleries you will find them in:

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