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Be healthy, be happy

Posted on Apr 24, 2018 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Hello there!!

How are you? A few days ago we started spring with snow, this week it’s hot as hell, a few days ago we had rains XD… but it is OK for me, we can have the weather you want these weeks to enjoy one wonderful wedding season without so many weather headaches… ;).

Well today, I want to explain how it was the first edition of the Healthy Day, which a few months ago we did here on the Finca.



To start with energy, the girls of Santiveri and Fruiteries Fortuny offered us a balanced breakfast, fruit for everyone and delicious drinks.



With energy in the body, the best and most crazy monitor of the Reus Deportiu, our Genís, did not stop us for a moment with its super step class. We did not stop for a minute! Even the minis did step!



After the class, it was the turn of the nutritional coach Griselda Rocamora, which solved the doubts of more than one and gave us advice to follow a healthy and balanced diet.



We talked that much that we were hungry, so Santiveri, once again, delighted us with a lot of varied and super good products. We sat under the sun to enjoy lunch and a very coolr 0’0 beer.



After the lunch, Massimo took us for a walk to the village. Cool!
Finally, when we arrived at the finca, in the dining room, we placed floor mats, chairs and blankets, and with the great professor of yoga Julio César we discovered that we could reach beyond the knees, XD.
And it was really great, met with motivated people, talk, share moments, stop daily stress and all this in an environment surrounded by nature.



You can already see the photos of Elena from Blanco and Caramelo and also in the video summary of HoiPoi.


Healthy day from HoiPoi Produccions on Vimeo.


I want more Sundays like this! Thanks a lot to everyone who join us, and to the team partners: Centre de Yoga Yiengar Tgn Unió, Teixidó, Griselda Rocamora, Santiveri, San Miguel 0’0, Reus Deportiu, Peugeot Joaquin Oliva, 5 floristería mood shop, HoiPoi Produccions, Blanco y Caramelo and Fruiteries Fortuny.
We are looking forward to the second edition!

A lot of kisses!

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