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Color rain

Posted on Feb 9, 2018 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi family!

How are you doing? Today we go back a couple of years ago… We have so many beautiful weddings to show you that when we sit down to think what to post… ahhhh, I do not know where to start … hihihi! Well, today we are going to add some color on these winter months, today I want to talk about Sara and Isma’s wedding!

Sara and Isma’s wedding is a great example of the fact that the rain should not disturb a great day, that plans B, C, and D exist, and that it is very important to choose good suppliers capable of reacting in the good and in the most adverse moments (You’ll see the great pictures of Raquel) And how many of you, ready to marry, I’ve already told you about this intense and wonderful wedding!

Sara and Isma had a very clear idea of how their wedding should be. They wanted a different wedding, they wanted a super party, with bright and vivid colors and a Red Hot Chili Pepers touch everywhere.

The couple decided to greet the guests before the ceremony and then change their clothes and start. In the welcome area that was made in the Era, we placed a football goal (referring to Isma’s passion for this sport) to place the welcome messages of the bride and groom to the guests.

The ceremony was celebrated in the football field with a large wooden background with a lot of colorful bar lamps and they sat in bed. It was during the ceremony that «the great moment» took place. It started to rain but everyone was attentive to the ceremony, a hurray for those guests so involved! Hurray!

The couple was very fond of articulated retro toys, so a part from the colorful things everywhere there were a lot of these items. In the sitting, around the house, in the room where dinner was celebrated and as a detail for the guests!

And despite the rain they had a party to remember, so you know, rain, yes, it can happen, but equally it’s pretty good… and, as I always say complicated weather, it gives you more intensity at the moment … and it makes me lose pounds of tension … hahahaha!
Tanit of the wonderful blog All Lovely Party also published the report of this beautiful wedding. You can see it here.

Let the rain not camouflage the joy of a greaaaaaaaaat day!
And «colorín colorado»… this beautiful history is NOT finished, but today’s post, yes… 😉

Kisses everyone

Date: July 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Pictures: Raquel Benito
Bride’s dress: Rosa Clarà
Bouquet: Centre Botànic de Reus
Decoration: L’Avellana Mas d’en Cabré

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