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It’s so cool getting married in winter!

Posted on Dic 13, 2018 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Yes! It’s true, we’re here again! It’s not a mirage, or any robot that has been stuck on my computer to write 4 lines. No! Now that the wedding season is over, and that my trimami work allows me, I have decided to go back to the loads and through the big door. We have spend short holidays in Germany and we have dealt with several intestinal flu … but it’s over! This mini-trip and especially the great Glühwein of the German Christmas markets has made me remember about the beautiful Winter Wedding of Rocío and Javi!

It has been a couple of years of this wedding, but we could not let another winter without explaining to you about this wedding. And I’m a fan of the winterweddings! Although it’s been a while, we’re very close to this couple and even for our wedding they gave us a prettiest gift … one of those we propose to couples who are not very clear what doing to do as a wedding gift…
They decided to give a pile of food bags for abandoned dogs altruistically. As we are super pro-animalists, this detail looks like really TOP for us. Thanks a lot couple!
And a nice new photo of this moment is already hangged between the photos in our office.
And returning to its great winter day, which was a beautiful day, sunny and with a very precious light, we decided to make the ceremony in a different space, very close to the entrance and our emblematic «Welcome to Paradise» .

Rocío got dressed in a beautiful family house in Tarragona, by the sea. She could not be more precious. In addition, he wear a precious crown of Suma Cruz that left us all flattered.
This time was the groom who came to enjoy the tranquility and prewedding surroundings of the Suite, together with his family and his puppymate, Summer. He was so funny with the jacket together with Javi’s dress!

Upon the arrival of the guests, Mallol Catering decided to serve a delicious cup of varied broth instead of the typical welcome beers and lemonade. A detail to enter into heat.
The ceremony was decorated with autumn-winter motifs, with a wooden arch, and flowers and plants of green, brown and grenade colors. Our floriJavi turned to look filling magic that new corner of the finca in wild wild nature.
It was very cool to do the ceremony in that space, and it was also very fun that with the big belly I was wearing for those dates (the mini mini was about to arrive), Massimo had to accompany me by car to the entrance … Yes! Now you can laugh! 😉

Rocío was very clear about the image of the wedding and we helped her to make it real. As a final detail, guests were offered Glühwein once lunch was over. Rocío had spent a season in Germany and fell in love with this wine that was served hot. It’s the typical German drink that invades Christmas lit markets in this cold country … I love it!
So, along with some custom cups, all the guests could take a cup of this good drink. Hot and with some degrees of alcohol … everything gets better!

And here it ends the winterwedding of Rocío and Javi that we love remembering from time to time!

A super hug!

Date: December 2016
Catering: Mallol Cátering
Photos: Laura Chacón
Makeup: Rebeca Torres Makeup
Headpiece: Suma Cruz
Wedding dress: Gemma Sender
Groom dress: Señor
Personalized cups: My little buffalo
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration:L’Avellana Mas d’en Cabré

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