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An Oktoberfest full of rhythm!

Posted on Ene 16, 2019 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

How Christmas was? The truth is that I love these days of family, retirement and disconnection to go deep into magic, tasty food, hugs and kisses!
And here we are, it’s already mid januray… time goes by so fast but… Romantic’s power! 😆

Well, today we start this 2019 l’Avellana’s blog with a rush of memories and photos of our crazy Oktoberfest! Sorry for the delay but this way there will be less time for the next… XD… countdown 10 months… gooooo!!! (Well, this is not that much, right? 😉 )

As every year a bunch of stalls of all kinds settled on our finca and long queues were formed to take German beer and frankfurts with potato salad that had prepared cátering Mallol. Thank you all for your patience and for making this year’s Oktoberfest another hit! Cheers to the relaxOktober’s attitude!
A lot of newlyweds couples visited l’Avellana, other couples with their baby bumps and others with their minis, as well as the neighbors of the village. I always come in such a rush that I’m short of time to talk to everyone… and you know how much I love talking… 😉

Apart from the Pixelmatón that has already become a tradition, our super DJ Gabi from Discomóvil Tarragona, surprised us with a Karaoke! Yeeeeah!!! At first the people were a little shy but at the end they were all crazy with the micro. A precedent was settled and we will no longer know how to live Oktoberfest without Karaoke!

Here I leave you with some of the pictures made by our dear Elena from Blanco y Caramelo (at the end of this post there’s the link for you to see them all), and also some of the Pixelmaton (there’s also the link at the end).
Once again I want to thank all of you who came because without you the Oktoberfest would not be the same, and also a special thanks to all those who worked a lot: Mallol Cátering, Blanco y Caramelo, Pixelmaton, Miculicu, Discomovil Tarragona and 5 Floristería Mood Shop.



To see the pictures of Blanco y Caramelo push here. The password to open the gallery is: 9pQNPmaTdh and the pin to download the pictures is: 2607

To see the pictures of Pixelmatón push here.

A bunch of kisses and go for the 2019!


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