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Hello World!!!

Posted on Dic 20, 2014 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Hello World!!!

And yessss… finally… l’Avellana is entering the magical world of the blog too.

It wasn’t the will, nor the insistence of so many, nor the creativity, nor the information to share that we were missing, what we needed was TIME.
That great, mysterious element which is always spread so thin. There are so many wonderful things to do, that they never seem to fit all in one day.

Nevertheless, here we are and we’re happy to be here.

We can’t wait to share our adventures, ideas, events, feats, feelings and discoveries with you.

You’ll have to excuse my gramatical errors,for those of you who already know us, know the great mix of languages that reign in l’Avellana.
Massimo is Italian (pure bred), and I’m half German (mixes are also good… hahaha)

WOW, here we go… we’re entering BLOG WORLD!



puerta abierta


Photos: Raquel Benito, l’Avellana

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