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Last Call for flight L&O…

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Olivier is from Lyon, Loreto is from Madrid, both live in Paris…
After their first visit we knew that L&O’s wedding would be really, really fun.

From the beginning they were ready to run with any crazy idea that we proposed. Both of them work in Orly Airport, and they have travelled thousands of miles on indescribable journeys.

This wedding was full of boarding cards, sunshine (a spectacular day for May!), a check-in, a duty-totally-free, a jetlag-lounge, and a gymkhana for the guests with a huge gift at the end!!

This time David Luque came to see us, a charming Andalusian photographer. Here you can see more photos of this wedding.
We hope you like it!

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off!

Aerial Greetings,


detalle rotulo entrada
rotulo entrada
Olivier se arregla la corbata
Olivier con amigos
Olivier esperando
Olivier y amigos
maquillaje novia
La novia sale
Novia con bouquet
Novia llegando
la casa
fachada con balsa
La novia y Katinka
Novios con Seat amarillo
vieja bici
señalizacióndecoración flores
detalle margaritastoallas con menu
Maleta y buzóndecoración flores
detalle polaroid 1
detalle polaroid 2
Novios en el Seat
Casa iluminada
Los novios bailando


Wedding date: May 2014
Catering: Calblay
Photos: David Luque and some homemade pictures 😉
Bride’s bouquet and hermitage decoration: 5 La Floristeria / Tarragona
Decoration: l’Avellana

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