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¡YIHAA! A country wedding…

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

M&G met while line dancing… and they had their first kiss the day that they went to buy their first pair of cowboy boots. This was 10 years ago…

This anecdote was pillar to the decorating this wedding…very authentic and just like the style of this kind couple.

Their beautiful greyhounds seduced the guests as ring-bearers.

With the twang of country music I wish you a good day 😉



asientos ceremonia
botas con floresdetalle decoración externa
decoración externa
rincón con banco
detalle botas con flores
detalle decoración
manos con pañuelo
la novia con bouquet
novios con botas
botas alineadas
novios con bambas
galgo con anillos
fronterapreparación bolsitas
detlle decoración sala
mesa "botas"
mesa "cavall"


Here you can see more photos of this fun wedding…


Wedding date: September 2014
Catering: La Violeta
Photography: Pixel Moreno and some homemade pictures 😉
Bride’s bouquet: 5 La Floristeria / Tarragona
Decoration: l’Avellana

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