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Another episode full of emotion…

Posted on Abr 5, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Did you have a happy start to your week? We are still on a high from celebrating the birthday of the best avellana daddy in the whole wide world, and for this we present you with a precious, romantic wedding from last summer which we never tire of looking back on, Ester and Javi’s wedding.

When they visited us for the first time LOVE was clearly in the air. Their glances, gestures, and smiles gave them away. On our first meeting we talked about weddings, animals, travel, a thousand different things! (You all know how little I like to talk..XD) We had a great time, and Ester, the great veterinarian, even helped us with a little problem with our beloved Hugo!

Because of this, this wedding couldn’t have been more exciting, emotions were running higher than ever. -“We experienced a million different sensations that day, but the one that stands out, the most important was that we felt tremendously calm and happy every moment, and we didn’t stop smiling for a minute.”- Of course Javi! I can attest to the fact that many beautiful, happy tears were shed… right Ester?




The ceremony was held at the Virgin’s wall. The orange, yellow and green shades were everywhere. Flowers and nature with a rustic touch that they liked so much. It was one of the most tender and sincere ceremonies. Everybody participated a lot. The family’s words moved all the guests and there was even live music performed by the couple’s friends, which became the soundtrack to the wedding: «2000 reasons«, a tribute to the 2000 km that kept them apart for two years.
– “We looked out in front of us and there were our loved ones, most of them with tears in their eyes. How adequate the chalk board paired with the tissues, for tears of joy!» – reminisces Ester.



The guestbook was inspired by their “little love nest”. Ester and Javi always traveled with their Quechua camping tent, blanket and gas stove in the car, ready to get away wherever they could and disconnect for a few hours. So we recreated this space for them, which was so special, it dazzled us, and some guests even ended up inside the tent.



The sitting was all color. We painted books orange and green, and each book represented an important «chapter» in the more than 10 years of the couple’s love story. The dining room was also decorated in the same orange and green tones with tons of flowers.



Hours and hours of laughs, emotions, and tears of joy (a ton!!!), surprises, dances and above all LOVE. With this big emotional high, it was clear that the saying goodbye would be hard, but I’ll go with Ester’s words which apply to so so many couples that have married here:-“Once the wedding is over, don’t be sad because in la Avellana, there are no goodbyes only see you soons”- Of course, here we await you with wide open arms!



I hope you’ve loved this wedding as much as we did participating in it, be happy, big hugs! Have a good week!

Wedding date: June 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Photography: Kepa Fuentes
Bouquet, crown, and clips: 5 Floristería mood shop
Wedding dress: Otaduy
Groom’s suit: Julián Adrados
Rings: Oro Vivo
Gifts for the guests: Greenpeace donation
Make-up: Rebeca Torres
Live music: María, Antón, and Rubén
Decoration: L’Avellana

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