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Billion apologize… We are back!

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Guys! You can remove the WANTED posters, because we are back again! You thought we disappeared from the blogger world? (Yeah, I know, it seemed so) Even we heard something about a reward somewhere…
But yes, you’re reading it, it’s not a mirage, here I am again! Yoohoo!

Billion apologize for not having published in for so long. The truth is that I have been thinking for weeks (if not months): «Now I restart» and «Ohhh, this wedding, it needs to be published immediately» or «when the meeting finishes I’ll select the photos…» but then the daily routine and especially the season’s weddings and now planning the next season 2017 is our number one priority. Certainly for my next life, I’m asking for an hour with 100 minutes and 9 days in a week, but then… surely nothing would change… because that’s just how Katinka is! So lucky that I have my Amore and as he says: Relax, I love you… even if you take an eternity to update the blog XD!

Today with the adrenaline rush of the publication of A&G wedding in the Australian blog Hello May (could we have had a better week start?), I’m writing this post of apology and the first of many others that I promise that will come, yes, this time yes! Because I really want to share with you moments spent this past season, you can not imagine!

Well… Katinka is back and there are “avellana” stories for a while!!! Tomorrow I will share with you one of the latest projects in which Massimo has been working hard and we are really excited about…what do you think ?!

Kisses to all,
and thank you for your involvement and enthusiasm in our little world “avellanero”!


PS: The picture belongs to this year’s Carnival of Riudecols, our lovely village. Our daughters were cowgirls and we were bandits. Yeeeeha!

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