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A fall wedding with in it’s own light

Posted on May 25, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hello, hello!

What a high to see an Avellana wedding in the magazine El País Semanal… Blanca and David, the Leafhopper photographers were interviewed by this famous periodical and they told them some of our crazy stories. They seemed to like it… and here we are! If you want to read this interview, here you have the link.
A thousand thank yous to these two masters of image for thinking of us. As I always say, feeling comfortable with the professionals you’re surrounded by is always the best!

I’ve always been a big fan of this Sunday magazine, and I remember our relaxing Sundays, when we were still living in Barcelona, without schedules, walking with no direction in mind around the capital with our little Hugo and our sweet Tama (the wonderful Massimo’s Setter which is not anymore with us… snif) and going to by the Sunday paper and sitting in a café of el Born or la Barceloneta to thumb through it… When we were a childless couple without a care in the world and we could still go for a walk without hurry! 😉
And now we’re here… with two mini princesses, a battalion of animals and millions of plants to look after…But happily ever after though!!


Photo by 5 Floristería Mood Shop

Photo by 5 Floristería Mood Shop

So today, without a doubt, I’ve decided to write about a lovely wedding, Barbara and Michele’s wedding… This charming couple that came really late to organise their wedding, but they delighted me from the second I met them with their naturalness, and love. Moreover, Michele and Massimo were a good mix as he was also Italian, so there was a culture meeting. Together we planned an informal, bohemian, rustic wedding… just like them!




This beautiful wedding took place in the middle of autumn, under the wintery sun, with a bit of wind but a whole lot of love. We love the colours of autumn, and to do something distinct from the summer wedding is also really cool. The ceremony took place in grandma’s garden, under the mulberry trees. There we “planted” a load of different chairs in different colours and styles, benches, and hay bales covered with blankets, creating a very fun mix. Javier, the crack of Floristería 5 created a delicate floral arrangement that really worked well for the time of year.




The couple, at the front seated on our beloved swing, which was ideal for the occasion, and with a lot of flowers where the mix of colors was protagonist, and the predominate colour was garnet, and matching Barbara’s beautiful bouquet, her fantastic hat and her shoes (a very high fashion look!).




Massimo made a lovely nest for the rings with a little twig, a pine cone and a small feather to give it the rustic touch that the couple liked.




My favourite moment was during the photo session. The thing is that Barbara, a big horse lover, met our big boy Luigi, and the photos with him are magical! Bravo los Leafhopeer! Here I’ll leave you with my favorites. (Like I told you on Facebook the mini avellanas are the proudest of their beloved horse in a magazine, not our house… no, the horse! XD)




The lovely couple has a brand of personalised stationary called Elefonte… and they make the most charming notebooks. You can see them here. Of course, their gift couldn’t be anything else, a gorgeous little notebook in retro-happy style (as they call it) made especially for this day!




We want to congratulate you (again) because just a short time ago the became parents, the baby was a special guest at the wedding. XD




Have a great week, we’ll carry on preparing this weekend’s wedding with a lot of deco!

A super kiss!


Wedding date: November 2015
Catering: Mallol Catering
Bride’s dress: Imma Clé
Bride’s hat: Lucía Be
Groom’s Suit: Sandro París
Rings: Pia Jewels & Design
Gift and Stationery: Elefonte
Bouquet and Flowers: Floristería 5 Mood Shop
Cake: Micu Licu
Photography: Leafhopper weddings (Here you can see more)
Decoration: L’Avellana

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