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Gold is the new white

Posted on Jul 8, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi ya! After a great weekend, everything went smoothly «on bicycle wheels» at I&J’s wedding 😉 (some of you may have seen on Facebook the funny set up we prepared on Friday); and it was full of love and romanticism (full of love letters at L&S’s wedding), we are back again with a lot of things to explain!

The wedding I’m talking about today is a wedding is one of those that you’ve all seen already, one of those with loads of photos, and one of those that everyone’s talking about… I didn’t want to carry on without leaving a little space for our most spectacular destination wedding, Lucy and Nick’s wedding!




Lucy and Nick are a couple from New Zealand, and for personal reasons they live between London and New York, and the decided to have their spectacular wedding among the hazelnuts, with us in Riudecols. I think about the moment in which the super international couple decided to put our little village, Riudecols on the map… It fascinates me! We were fascinated and really flattered that 100 guests from around the world landed here. It was such an honor for us.

This special couple left their wedding completely up to us, so we got our inspiration from Lucy’s fabulous gold dress to create the decoration for this wedding. Gold became the main motif for this incredible wedding. Ok I admit it, Lucy has become my long-distance Platonic love… XD.

The blog Belle and Chic talked about her spectacular look in a post a few months ago… You can read it here.




In the end it became a rustic wedding with gold details, beginning with Lucy’s jaw dropping gold dress, the rest of the decoration following suit from every corner, the flowers, the bouquet… every little detail was golden, including the bride’s make up, done by Rebeca Torres. And of course to beat the heat, a glass of champagne, the other leading role of the party. XD




The ceremony was held in front of la Era, among the hazelnuts for the first time ever. It was simply magical. We can’t wait to do it again!




For the guestbook, we asked the guests to play a bit, they had to roll up their messages to the couple and but them in little bottles which they had to later throw into our little pool. It was incredible to see how it filled up with messages. Later we had to dry off more than one… hihihihi… but it was beautiful!




For the table settings, we recovered some porcelain plates that belonged to Massimo’s grandmother and my grandmother, and we mixed and decorated the large old door with them. A friend of the couple took care of writing the names of the guests on the plates. Cheers to relics from grandmas and grandpas! 😉
Later, the dinner took place at «Plaza de los Olivos». On the tables, simple but elegant, we put some centerpieces with white flowers mixed with flowers and natural elements painted in gold.




Another lovely detail from this wedding were the gifts for the guests, which were seeds that we hung from a “Favour Tree”, and they were marked in two different tones so that the guests from each hemisphere of the world would know which one was theirs and when they should plant them. Its what we love about weddings that bring the world together! 😉




This wedding without a doubt left its mark in the history book of our little farm… Lucy and Nick filled us with positive energy and confirmed that with dreams and volition it is a small world after all!




Love you, Lucy! <3!

Golden hugs!
… and now for another week filled with beautiful weddings…

Wedding date: July 2014
Catering: Mallol Cátering
Photography: Raquel Benito (more pictures here)
Wedding dress: Guillermo Molina
Wedding shoes: Burberry Prorsum
Groom’s suit: Brooklyn Tailors, New York
Wedding rings: William Welstead
Make up and hair: Rebeca Torres Makeup
Flowers and bouquet: 5 Floristería
Decoration: L’Avellana

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