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Green I want you green

Posted on Abr 19, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

The rock season has begun at La Avellana! And it’s all out! Last Saturday we celebrated Y&JM’s wedding, with a triumphant horseback entrance on a beautiful, sunny April day (far from the whole April showers bring May flowers!). There’s no stopping now!

The wedding that I’m sharing with you today, is the result of a lot of nice, fun, long Skype conversations, with a charming couple. Who said you can’t organise a wedding long distance? And we love destination weddings and even more so if the destination is la Avellana 😉 !

Today’s couple is Anna and Tom, a British couple, who in that moment had a child and now they are expecting their second baby, which is about to be born! Here’s to the babies of La Avellana couples! I love getting photos of bellies, ultra-sounds and beautiful babies through WhatsApp and email, and letters amongst the tons of daily paperwork and organisation. So now you know, fill-up my mailbox! 😆
A thousand thank you for sharing these special moments with us, it’s pure happiness!!




The principal tones of this wedding were yellow, green and white. We were inspired by the engagement ring that Tom gave to Anna (it was stunning). The wedding was an explosion of flowers and colors. There were daisies, craspedias, sunflowers, dalias, and mixed greens chosen with love by my alter ego Javier from 5 Floristería.


BlancoyCaramelo-116web BlancoyCaramelo-82web


During the dinner, the bride’s father gave a speech using his totally ironic British humour, and we all died with laughter! I am officially a fan of fun and different speeches and of dads with a good sense of humour.

Tom and Anna are big travellers, and they like all the aesthetic associated with travel. For the ceremonial space we built a rustic arch built with branches and decorated with sunflowers and a lot of plants. To complete it we added suitcases and other special details.




The seating was also very original, we emptied out a piece of furniture and we transformed it into a sort of an old, broken down stage coach (Yes, we go crazy sometimes… 😉 ) . On the inside we placed miniature suitcases with the guests’ names, this way everybody could take home a mini suitcase. Each table had the name of a place that was symbolic for the couple on it.


BlancoyCaramelo-64web BlancoyCaramelo-57web


Additionally, we handed out globes and multifunctional maps from the placemats to the paper holders for petals and rice. The celebration was one of the most fun, and happiness could be seen on everybody’s face.





Sending you our best wishes for the parents in the home stretch. We’re anxiously awaiting a photo of baby junior! 🙂

Be happy, have a good week and enjoy a romantic Saint George’s Day on Saturday!!


Wedding date: August 2015
Catering: Moon Cátering
Photography: Blanco y Caramelo (here you can see the wedding photos)
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Wedding dress: Rose and Delilah bought in Luellas Boudoir
Bride’s shoes: Rachel Simpson Shoes
Decoration: L’Avellana

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