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Lights, camera, magic, and action!

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi guys! How was Easter? As you may know we have visited the city of love (oh l’amour!) from which we have taken a lot of ideas for future «decos». These days aside from R&R, we have found lots of Osterier among the hazelnut trees (the cultural mix here at the Avellana that has us looking for chocolate eggs) that the Osterhase (our Easter bunny) had hidden in the Finca. But the little avellanitas, who are very bright, found them all!

To help you digest la Mona (Easter cake) today I give you a wedding with a ton of personality and cinema.

Guillem and Mireia met at University, studying journalism. After years of courtship they got engaged in New York. Guillem is a cinema aficionado, above all Wes Anderson. It was Anderson, the director we turned to for inspiration to decorate this wedding. Every corner was filled with allusions to their love story and there was popcorn everywhere.


Novio molón


The ceremony was presided by a huge bar with antique TVs and huge buckets of popcorn. Mmmm it smelled so good… surely more than a few guests couldn’t avoid temptation! At the end of the ceremony popcorn and confetti went flying! For Mireia it was a very emotional moment- “What I remember the most was walking toward the aisle to Guillem, and then from the swing set seeing all of our loved ones.”-


Bodegón teles
Old TV
Novios columpio
Bodegón y novios columpio
Entrada claqueta
Confetis y palomitas


The place for the guest book was spectacular. Guillem had told us about a scene from the film Big Fish (by Tim Burton) which he explained that stayed with him when he met Mireia… and because we are so romantic we couldn’t resist setting up a miniature cinema that projected that fragment of the film. We build our own version in 3D and hung curtains made of popcorn from the ceiling and hulahoops. Even the mini avellanas helped us with the popcorn. That way everyone left a message. -“I loved how the movie came to life, it was a magical space!”- Guillem, told us very happily.


Rincón firmas
Big Fish
Rincón firmas2


The seating arrangement became a fine example of symmetry and cut and paste, given that Wes Anderson is the master of symmetry. We used photo frames covered with painted paper for a vintage look, antique telephones, little cups, antique movie reels and suitcases.


Sitting simetria


The decoration of the dining room, we filled little glass bottles with flowers that had also been covered with this beautiful paper. Also each table had a name in the style of the “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with wires and letters emulating the movie poster. For the stationary we used a set of frames from the flipbook invitation from the couple, which we put together like an old film, their wedding stamp and a font designed specially for the wedding by Massimo.


Sala banquete
Nombre mesa detalle
Sala banquetes2
Small River1
Small River2
Rincón regalos


I hope you liked this and if you’re up for it you can have movie night with one of Wes Anderson’s films! You’ll love them! Have a great week! Kisses and popcorn to all!



Wedding date: July 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Photography: Pixelmoreno
Boquet, crown and clips: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Bride’s Dress: Rosa Clarà
Groom’s suit: El Ganso
Make up: Meritxell Lecha
Live music: Small River brass band
DJ: Disco Movil Tarragona
Wedding gift: Vermuts Miró and Patateria Laurie
Decoration: L’Avellana

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