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Some like apples

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hey guys!

Today I present a wedding with a big back story. Joan and Nuria’s wedding. Who remembers the mythical photo of Joan, running toward the finish line, holding a ring in his hand? This photo drowned our Facebook page with likes, shares, and comments, it was impressive! It was one of the most romantic proposals. Joan, a participant in Ironman of Nice 2014, swam, rode a bike, and ran tons of kilometers with the ring, and when he arrived at the finish line he gave it to Nuria. Could it get any better? This was going to be a YES for sure! Few grooms can say that they’ve gone so far for a proposal. 😉

This fantastic story is just the beginning for this wedding of one of the most happy and positive couples.




For the decoration we took our inspiration from the world of sports, and the couple’s healthy lifestyle and hobbies. The ceremony took place at the virgen’s corner, and was presided by the groom’s surf board (Joan loves to surf) and a bike which we painted red. We placed red and green apples everywhere, (and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere), making reference to their logo which were two apples united by the heart which Massimo created especially for them. Another bike welcomed the guests at the entrance.

“The ceremony was beautiful, great care was taken in every detail, down to the millimetre, the surf board and the bike was a bold risk that looked perfect. All the details were studied, revised and perfect!!” remarks Nuria sentimentally.




For the sitting we used iron from Ironman. Each “phase” made reference to a table name, which was made by moulding iron and forming words. Authentic handiwork of the handcrafts king Massimo. And of course there were apples!




The guest book was inspired by Joan and Nuria’s adored van, with which they’ve taken some wonderful trips. The van was also in the wedding, Nuria came in it! (little spoiler 😉 : now they have a new van, for their new adventures!)




The banquet room was decorated in the same shades of greens and reds as the rest of the spaces. We placed wicker baskets with beautiful flowers of these colors in the centres of the tables. We also combined flowers with apples and using the apples to place the names of the tables on wires referring to the shapes of the sitting. Everything was very Ironman. XD




It was an incredible celebration that brings us happy memories because it pleases us to see such involved and sentimental couples. And as Joan and Nuria said, “The excitement of not knowing is great”. We totally agree, we’re fans of the magic of surprises!

“There were moments of happiness, tears, emotion, joy, love, laughs, a party…” that’s how Nuria explains it. A super special wedding, and the couple, the family and friends gave it their ALL!! Cheers!




I’ll leave you now as I’m going to eat an apple ;), now I really crave one!
A big kiss, I hope you’ve loved this wedding.

Have a good week


Wedding Date: September 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Photographer: Pixelmoreno (més fotos, aquí)
Video: Pixelmoreno
Bride’s dress: Pronovias
Bride’s shoes: La Coqueteria, Barcelona
Groom’s suit: Casa Pujol, Reus
Wedding rings: Joyería Lara, Vila-Seca
Gifts for the guests: Cloth logo bags (women), Hang over survival kits (men)
Make-up: Rebeca Torres
Live Music: After Dark
Flowers: 5 Floristería mood shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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