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“Swinging London” among the hazelnuts

Posted on Ago 16, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi hi!
How was your weekend? We’ve been busy with two beautiful weddings and loooooots of love.

Along with our big news of a new mini avellana on the way, today I want to share the wedding of another couple that is about, I mean really ABOUT to have their first baby! Today we’re going to the UK, Sonia and Gerard’s wedding!


parella sonia_gerard_104
parella sonia_gerard_120
parella sonia_gerard_101


Sonia and Gerard were a unique couple with very clear taste and they knew what they wanted for their wedding, that everything reflect their personality and passions. The decoration was inspired by the 60’s, the age of the mods and underground and everything had a British air about it.


intro sonia_gerard_053
intro sonia_gerard_034

intro sonia_gerard_028
intro sonia_gerard_017
parella sonia_gerard_105
parella sonia_gerard_121


The ceremony was held in the “Rincón de la Virgen” which represented a tea room with symbols of mods in the background and even a tea pot and porcelain cups just in case anyone got thirsty 😀 . Both bride and groom made a dancing entrance to the ceremony and also the bridesmaids and groomsmen (with a total Brit look). The bridesmaids surprised the bride with matching dresses, which went really well with the beautiful, short, white wedding dress, that Sonia had custom made (how I love brides in short dresses!). Gerard was also really cool with a pair of black and white Oxford shoes.


cer sonia_gerard_003
cer sonia_gerard_001cer sonia_gerard_002
cer sonia_gerard_065
cer sonia_gerard_071
cer sonia_gerard_073
cer sonia_gerard_075
cer sonia_gerard_077cer sonia_gerard_083
cer sonia_gerard_085
cer sonia_gerard_087


For the sitting we took our inspiration for the London tube, we recreated the map of the mythical Underground with vinyl records. Each record represented a tube stop and a table.


sit sonia_gerard_015


We also placed a table with a guestbook inspired by 5:00 tea time. We placed a small box with a bunch of tea bags. There was a little piece of paper hanging from each bag where guests could write a message.


guestbook sonia_gerard_131
guestbook sonia_gerard_138


The decoration for the dining room also followed tea time suit, with many tea cups and dishes decorated with British prints! During dinner the couple’s friends surprised them with an amazing gift, a Vespa that they had restored!


sopar sonia_gerard_139
sopar sonia_gerard_140sopar sonia_gerard_141
sopar sonia_gerard_143
sopar sonia_gerard_144
vespa sonia_gerard_149
vespa sonia_gerard_151


And that’s how the celebration went on hours and hours, loads of dancing, rhythm and Britpop, a lot of style, class and love!


ball sonia_gerard_168
ball sonia_gerard_167
ball sonia_gerard_166


And so I leave you friends, now that its tea time, which you know I love… with a little milk and honey… mmmmm! 😀


Date: July 2015
Catering: Mallol Catering
Photos: Pixelmoreno
Bouquet: Floristeria Moments
Wedding dress: Nuria Subietas
Bridal shoes: Georgia Rose
Groom’s suit: UK Look Barcelona
Groom’s shoes: London Brogues
Groom’s tie and handkerchief: The Brothers at OTAA
Decoration: L’Avellana

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