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Posted on Jun 1, 2017 by in Moments for dreaming | 0 comments

Hi everybody!

Today of course, we have to talk about the incredible Sunday we lived a few days ago… For a long time in one of these conversations that Massimo and I have (which I adore) and from which so many fun ideas and also disastrous come out… we had an idea, we were going to make a ritual of love that reunited couples already married in l’Avellana.

To our idea an old railing that Massimo had kept joined, after that our trip to Paris where we place our familylock and lately we found an old lock on the farm … and so it went defining the idea that each pair should left a lock of love in our finca.

A few weeks ago, at the end of the new space construction, the greenhouse, we found the ideal location to place the railing, romantic and hidden in the forest …



So we decided to inaugurate the Greenhouse in a different way … with our Avellana couples already married! Our greenhouse is not actually a greenhouse, it is rather an Avellana construction «old-windows-forever.» For a long time my Amore had the idea to recycle all the old windows kept after the reform of the property. The workers that were already prepared for demolition were freaking out… while Massimo began to carefully store his treasures !!! And up to here the context of this adventure.

The tremendous response we received to our invitation was overwhelming… the joy of confirmation messages, the penalty of couples who could not come but were asking for a second meeting, read couples from whom we did not had heard for a long time, so imagine me, in front of the screen with a happy stupid smile shouting all the time: Amore, Anna and Bernat are also coming!!! Sonia and Angel too!! Sandra and Mario are coming with two kids!!! Again and again in a loop!! hahaha
And the minis… Oh, the couple of that song… Oh, the couple who dance so well … Oh, the Vespa couple … Oh, the couple of that film you like… hahaha Avellana Daily Life !! 😉

Last Sunday was amazing… and certainly it was the best opening of the greenhouse we could dream of. Very hard for me to describe it in words, but seeing so much excitement and enthusiasm, and see this beautiful Avellana world we are all together, it was so so so exciting…



Seeing many different couples from so many years ago and so many strollers and children was so beautiful… This Sunday somehow Massimo and I felt that our crazy project we started 5 years ago had received a special award… no a physical prize, no recognition of any site, no special mention of a blog … it was a very personal prize!
Your eyes, your presence, your words and your hugs are the best PRIZE !!

However, we would have liked to talk more with each of you… I think next time we will organize a three-day camp. YEAH !!! So there’s a second call assured !!
Also a big applause to the so so beautiful locks personalized by couples, many of them showing a bit of their weddings history! TOTAL LOVE!



Special thanks to our faithful Flori Javier he never fails to come & help for any proposal, and Mallol Cátering to leave us a delicious aperitif! Also many thanks to Gaby from Disco Movil Tarragona for putting Love is in the Air (there was a lot) and many more, and Zavi from Mi Pianista to play his piano for all of us. To Rebeca Torres for drawing amazing shapes in children and adults hands.
And now: Enjoy the wonderful photos of Elena (thaaaaaaaaanks)*, and play loudly the cool video of Mireia & Guillem (thaaaaaaaaanks)… & ENJOY: that life is soooo groovy when lived intensely!!! 😉

Candado Avellanero from HoiPoi Produccions on Vimeo.

Hugs & kisses to all,

… ah yes, I forgot to tell you a story … Above I have mentioned about an old lock we found some time on the finca, and we wanted it to be our lock… well, we’ve already saved it so good that we can not find it…, but as soon as it appears we will put it on the rail joined to our!! I promise photos!! 😉 (I guess it is a matter of a large family during the full wedding season!! hahahaha)

* To see the whole photo gallery press here – Password: 2BJYGCk05A – and to download them the pin is: 9639
Do not forget to tag your pictures with the hashtad #candadoavellanero to creat an amazing lock gallery!


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