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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Posted on Abr 28, 2017 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi everybody!

Sorry … long time no see you, but time flies… and being «trimommy» and with the season already here, I need more hours… Did I tell you before? 😉
I always say to myself «And now it’s time to post, there are still weddings of 2015 to be published…» ay, ay ay… hahaha… And I want to show you so many of them…

And yes, last Saturday we started the season. It is always an adrenaline rush to see the finca dressed for a gala and prepared to welcome so much joy.
Today I bring you one of the most of the most romantic and special weddings, Anna and Bernat’s wedding.



Anna and Bernat decided to give themselves the «Yes I want» after 10 years of relationship. For the proposal Bernat gave Anna a very special ring, with 10 diamonds, 1 diamond for each year of relationship, and each one with its history behind (I will not go into more details because it’s very personal, but it still gives me goosebumps when I remember those wonderful words so well chosen … I can’t imagine Anna at the time.) This ring served as inspiration for the decoration of their wedding.

The decoration was very sober, of Nordic style, with two predominant colors the light pink and the light green, and with a star material, the wood, that Massimo was in charge of carving one by one with his adored lathe. My amore is an artist!



At the ceremony there was a very funny sign to the everyday life of A & B: everyone knows that Anna, like so many girls, is always late… and always says more or less the same phrases to excuse her delays.
This anecdote was used to decorate some candies that were given to the guests before the ceremony with the typical phrases of Ana apologizing this time for her most justified delay!!! 😉



The sitting combined this natural and Nordic style with pink and green wood and flowers stuck with colored washi tapes.



Anna and Bernat made a trip to Japan that meant a before and an after in their relationship, that’s why for the guestbook we get inspired by the Japanese prayer notes, so that the guests leave their messages in a small wooden boards that after they hung to a tree. I love this guestbook! 😀



Although the weather was challenging us throughout the wedding (in the end we beat the weather), the wedding of Anna and Bernat was super emotional and lovely and everyone had a great time!
Ah! By the way, this wedding was posted on the wonderful blog Tendencias de Bodas. How exciting!
You can read it here.



And here you have today’s post, I promise that it won’t take so many time for the next one… 😳

A big kiss,


Date: July 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Photography: Sara Lázaro
Bride’s dress: Santos Costura
Bride’s shoes: Mr. Right
Groom’s suit: Santa Eulàlia
Make up and hair: Carmina Camps and Eva Casanova
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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