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I left my heart in San Francisco

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments


Here we are again… ¡¡¡and now we are a large family!!! We are so so happy with our 3 princesses… The truth is that we can not remove that «silly» smiles in our faces since more than 2 months ago… hahaha! I promise that on summer we will have recovered our normal expressions 😉 .

Yes, at the very beginning, I thought it was a craziness, a big mountain to climb… and my amore, with his «relax I love you» philosophy, he was sure that we could get it and that everything will be OK!
And it is. 😉
We are really happy, the big avellanas are really sweet and with the third baby everything is easier and we are enjoying each moment with her: so, cheers up for the first time parents: let’s do a lot of brothers and sisters! 🙂

To start the new blog season as a large family, I am going to show you the most ZEN wedding we have ever had.



Do you know this song? Of course… Today it’s the turn of a 100% Californian wedding, today it’s Aina and Nacho’s wedding turn.



Aina and Nacho are a couple who met in the wonderful city of the ups and downs, in San Francisco. Through thousands of Skype meetings (they live in San Francisco) we plan their wedding.

Before entering the ceremony, we placed a basket with flowers for the guests, in honor of the mythical song and the city that united the couple… And especially referring to the beautiful phrase «be sure you wear some flowers in your hair».



Aina and Nacho, who made a romantic first look before the ceremony (I promise you that someday I’ll post about First Look because I love it and I always tell couples about it), entered the ceremony together.



Nacho is a Yoga instructor and very fond of this culture… and when you meet him you can feel it. So a friend surprised them with the ritual of the Tibetan bowl … and for a few minutes all the guests melted in a wonderful silence. It was very special!

Yes, yes … I admit that I am a VERY fan of yoga too! 😉 And that we all need a few minutes of disconnection and… an interior smile.



Aina, who wore a wonderful wreath of flowers, also referring to the mythical song, was in charge of the graphic design and the tables were distributed as if they were different places of San Francisco.



For the signatures’ corner, we asked the bride and groom to bring a lot of retro postcards, vintage, old school, even some with a dull touch, (of those also found in Barcelona in the stands of the Ramblas 😉 ) for the guests to leave their messages.



The gift was a «tote bag» (which is my star gift, my favorite, because apart from being very useful they are made in a very special place by very special people) . All the bags went with the slogan «I left my heart in San Francisco». Pretty wasn’t it?



At the entrance we covered a large panel with the most well-known Yoga postures’, so that the guests could practice. It was really fun, the guests with their dresses doing yoga… so TOP! 😉



And so was the wedding of Aina and Nacho, a very natural wedding, with zen moments, with much much love, of course, in the air.



I leave you now, there is a sweet minimini that claims my attention and I think that if I hum the song If you’re going to San Francisco , she will like it 😉 .

A big kiss!
Have a nice weekend!


Date: September 2015
Catering: Moon Catering
Photography: Diez & Bordons
Wedding dress: Bo & Luca bought at Loho Bride
Groom’s suit: Alton Lane
Bouquet and wreath: Flowers shop in Enric Granados street, Barcelona.
Flowers: 5 Floristería mood shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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