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We are going to a picnic-wedding!

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hello family!
How are you? Today I’m gonna show you the great wedding of Annamma and Manu, a superfun wedding… and incredible picnic day that turned into a wedding. Last December the wonderful Tendencias de Bodas magazine published this fun A & M wedding-picnic … what an amazing surprise and what great memories we have of this wedding!.

Annamma and Manu had a very clear idea from the beginning… and that’s how they came to see me, and of course, we rolled like blinds in one of those lengthy visits and in which we started talking about weddings and also of everything and more… (hahah)



They wanted an intimate, very informal wedding, without protocols or dresscodes, but above all a wedding in which everybody feels super comfortable, and so this wedding-picnic was conceived.
Everything revolved around this crazy idea, the deco, the graphics… everything! For graphics, Massimo played with strong colors, floral motifs, and some other insects that surround nature. Ideal!

The ceremony was held at the corner of the Virgin, where, instead of hanging from the tree the swing, this time we hung our already famous iron bed. The guests sat in chairs and stools of all kinds. Everything very colorful and festive because we wanted to recreate an informal Italian style dining room.

The bride wore a precious dress made by one of her best friends and she helped to design and also wore a beautiful headband that her brother made with leather and silver (we all fell in love with this detail!) and the groom was super authentic with a Dalinian mustache. Well, it is that A & M are very authentic in every way! 😉

The picnic was prepared in the Olivos square. There we put a lot of carpets of all kinds so that the guests could sat on the floor without problems, in the purest style of picnic. Before entering the dinner area, we placed a large table where each guest could take a basket with cutlery, glasses, napkins and a homemade jam (which was the wedding favour). Inside the basket we also add a vocabulary card italian-spanish, so that the guests could interact amongst them.


They could also take a blanket if necessary, and we also placed several vases with flowers of all colors so that each one decorated their picnic space to their personal taste. It was a success, and from here I congratulate all overwhelmed guests on the way they received this unusual idea and how they enjoyed that wonderful celebration of love.

As a finishing touch, the Zapping Trío lived up the dance with their versions and everyone had a great time.



Would you like to take a basket and go for a picnic wouldn’t you? Even though it’s cold, there’s nothing that a good blanket and a nice thermo can’t solve… 😉 !!!

Kisses and big hugs!


Date: July 2016
Catering: Mallol Cátering
Photos: F2 Studio
Bride’s dress: Alba Navarro Mas
Bride’s headpiece: Samuel Roncen
Groom’s suit: Tween
Makeup: Sara Cela
Cakes: Miculicu
Life music: Zapping Trio
DJ: Sergio Corredor
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration: L’avellana

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