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Ché bello é l’amore!

Posted on Feb 14, 2019 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hello dear! Oh yes!!! Che bello é l’amore! You already know that we are romantic lovers who are in love with love, and although today is Valentine’s day we celebrate it every day!
With all this love, a few days ago I thought about the romantic wedding of Marta and Adri, two other lovers of love and the beautiful Italy. I was just looking for some pictures for a presentation (which we are now preparing for this season’s weddings), and I found one a picture of this adorable couple.

Marta and Adri are a couple that got married a couple of years ago and a little bit more (wow how time goes by!!!), but this wedding is still so funny, current and personal, that I really wanted to share it with you. Especially don’t forget how beautiful they were. 😉 This sweet couple adored «the Italian vita». This is why we decided that Italy would serve as the guiding thread for decorating this wedding.
The center of the wedding would be pasta, they both love it and to give a funny twist to the subject without ending into the Italian clichés… haha… Here undoubtedly amore Massimo was the leader! 😉 The phrase «Che bello é l’amore» became the slogan of this delicious wedding!

So we asked Massimo’s mother (who lives in Rome) for tones and tones of different and original pastas. Because you have to know that in an Italian standard supermarket there are at least two whole aisles of different pasta, and since my half-half is Italian I have learned that each sauce has its right type of pasta form. A whole philosophy of cooking that my mother-in-law dominates 100%. My favorite ones have always been the Orecchiette… mhmmmnnn. We use the paste to decorate everything. We made some pasta curtains to decorate the ceremony area, and our floriJavier put himself in a top creative mode and made bouquets and flowercenters including spaghetti and other types of pasta but all in a frame that was very elegant with touches of gold, and not rustic, that frame was already given by the nature that surrounds the finca.


For the wedding favors corner we put an old pasta machine to explain the gift, since Adri likes cooking, so they gave the guests a small box of pasta and a personal recipe from Adri to make it. Good idea, right?


For the sitting, we also used different pasta to differentiate the tables where the guests would sit. They laughed a lot, finding out the names of the most unusual pasta. And the dinning room, as it could not be otherwise, was also full of pasta!

The wedding cakes (made with love by Micu Licu) also came with the phrase «Che bello é l’amore» as a topping!

Another great two moments of this wedding were the two surprises that the couple had prepared… I knew both, I think I was more nervous than the two of them. How I like that adrenaline that invades you thinking about the emotion that is going to be lived! 😉
Well, during the wedding aperitif, Marta surprised Adri with a motorcycle, no, a super motorbike, a Triumph, which he had wanted for a long time and with his colleagues appeared with the gift.
And Adri after their romantic dance, gave her a symbolic Tour Eiffel that symbolized the postwedding that he gave her and that would be in the city of love.


You see, a wedding full of love and good vibes in which we enjoyed a lot and about which we did not want to spend more days without telling you!
Well family, lots of love and many kisses!
Enjoy the day of LOVE!


Fecha: Agosto 2016
Catering: Mallol Cátering
Photographer: PixelMoreno
Pastry: Micu licu
MUAH: Rebeca Torres Make up
Wedding dress: Atelier Pronovias
Wedding suit: Hugo Boss
DJ: Más y Más
Florist: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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