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Under December’s sun

Posted on Ene 30, 2019 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hey family!! How are you doing with cold and wind? We are under a thousand layers of clothes, with some good cups of infusions and with many hugs. Oh! And chimney power!
Returning to the blog, and to make this winter easier, today we want to share with you the beautiful Winter Wedding of Emma and Cuco.


I will not get tired of repeating that winter weddings have magic and a special light and in this case it also came with some other superpowers!
Emma and Cuco were very clear about how they wanted their wedding to be, so we helped them to materialize and adapt their ideas.
The ceremony was held in the greenhouse under an ideal sun, perfect to keep the guests warm. We had also placed blankets just in case 😉.


Emma was wearing a beautiful coat that her auntie had made with the help of the Cambrils Trikotem shop-workshop, is was so cool!

For the sitting plan we had fun by placing hands of wooden dummies, with their fingers marking the table numbers. This was a great idea of our interior designer-bride Emma. We already imagined what would happen, but what began as 1, 2, 3 and 4 ended up being any invention since the guests enjoyed themselves modifying the positions of their hands to their liking. Creativity power!

To finish, the dining room and all the spaces were decorated with garnet-colored roses with a lot of wild green, mixed with golden tones, giving it a very romantic look to the party.

During the wedding they were the great musical themes and references to the Dragon Ball serie, in addition Cuco received as a gift a jacket of the serie, Goku style. Even the photocall was full of special attrezzo for manga lovers! And we love the idea! That’s how it should be! A hip hip hurray for couples who give personality and make their wedding a very personal day!



And here this wedding finishes. Surely you’re looking forward to read more about winterweddings, right? XD



Date: December 2017
Catering: Mallol Cátering
Bride’s dress: La Coqueteria
Coat: Trikotem
Groom’s dress: Casa Pujol
Photos: Blanco y Caramelo
Video: Pixelmoreno
Photomachine: Pixelmaton
Cakes: MicuLicu
DJ: DiscoMovil Tarragona
Stationery: Susana Gurri.
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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