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The dreamers



  • is an infinite romantic
  • she loves horses, flowers, and candles
  • Massimo is her Superman
  • She cries (a lot) in weddings
  • she loves tea with milk
  • she adores nail varnish
  • she’s a proud mama
  • she likes to laugh… especially at herself!
  • she talks, and talks, and talks
  • and… she dreams of an antique harp


  • is the great build everything artista here at l’Avellana
  • he loves creativity’s infinite possibilities
  • Katinka is his favorite alarm clock
  • he is the great “finder” of heart shaped stones
  • he’s fascinated by “old things”
  • he starts his day with Italian coffee
  • he’s a big fan of wood
  • he’s a loving father
  • and… he dreams of woodworking again someday


During our life together we have had thousands of adventures: we have lived in capital cities in different countries and in some very unusual places, we have worked in multinational companies and small businesses, we have laughed and we have cried but with each experience we have grown a little more.

…and now with l’Avellana Mas d’en Cabré we have begun one of our greatest adventures!!!

Both of us love to create, invent, build, recycle and we love being “hands-on”.
Teamwork is what we do…we smile when we catch each others’ eye…we laugh when we are creating…and we have a good, good time! We love the night before an event in full creative boom…making dreams come true, always under our personal premise: Relax, I love you!


Photos:Raquel Benito