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A savoury wedding

Posted on May 12, 2016 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hi! And we’re back this week after a fright with our little flying mini avellana; so on we have been awarded by in the Wedding Awards (once again THANKS to all!); we’ve also got A&N’s wedding published in the prestigious blog «A Todo Confetti»; and we also had M&S’s wedding, which was a huge party, with loads of surprises and some party animal guests (it’s incredible, what can happen in such a short time 😛  )Here we are again!

Today we’re breathing in the salty sea air, we’ve got sand on our skin, and after these rainy days I really felt like sharing it. Today’s wedding is full of sea and sail details and full of love from stern to bow and from port to starboard. Today Ana and Ferran’s wedding!




Ana was a bride a bit out of the ordinary: she didn’t want flowers and she wasn’t going to wear white! 😉 She’s a fashion addict and she has a charming blog about fashion trends. Take a look:




A wedding without flowers… This was definitely a challenge! But we love challenges 😉 .

This adorable couple is in love with the island of Formentera. So deep is their love of this island that the proposal took place there! After such a romantic story, the general theme of the wedding couldn’t be any other than the paradise beaches of Formentera, as well as the sea air that they breathe down there.
The main colors of the decoration were blue, white and gold tones, to give it a glamorous touch. 😆
The flowers were substituted by infinite succulents that we made cement center pieces which we hand painted gold.




The ceremony took place in a different spot, amongst the hazelnut trees in our “football pitch” or better said “no football pitch” because nobody plays football here (yes… Avellana utopias 🙂  ). It was from right here where we moved to our Finca one of their favourite beaches. Fine white sand, fishnets and a beautiful blue boat (recovered from our adventures, I’ll tell you the story another day), made the ideal area to say “I do!”. Ana recalls what surprised her the most about the decoration: “How bold, how hard you work, and the imagination that you put into everything, and you even created a beach in the middle of the mountains”. Thanks Ana, it’s great to have couples like you!




For the seating arrangements we played with their favourite places on the island. We hung a big fishnet, with nautilus and beautiful shells, and we put a map of Formentera in the center. More than one let their imagination fly and was transported to the crystalline waters of the island…




The other fundamental pilar of the decoration for this wedding was Ana’s grandma, no sorry, SUPERGRANDMA, who crocheted some wonderful jaw-dropping covers for 80 rocks in different sizes that the couple had collected on their special beach.
These precious rocks became a wedding favour for the women (surely many of you will have seen them on the table in our office). The men were given a bottle of homemade beer, in honour of Ferran’s devotion to this refreshing beverage.




This is what I call 100% involvement and 100% handmade. And I’ll never tire of repeating: We only give form to your story… but you are the story! LOVE!!
I want to share Ana’s advice for future Avellana couples with you: “Let go and let imagination and love take the lead.” I would also add: be 100% yourself guys!

If you want more details about the wedding, a few months ago it was published in the wonderful wedding blog All Lovely party (you can read it here), and if not you can also have a look at Ana’s blog (Red Valentinas). In it the bride has explained the little details of the invitations, decoration, and finishing touches… and much much more.




Now that summer’s right around the corner, this mediterranean wedding has carried me away to the beach. Now I feel like walking on the beach and soaking my feet.

Have a great week and many sea salty kisses!


Wedding date: September 2015
Catering: Cal Blay
Photography: Laura Chacón Photography (more photos, here)
Video: Carlos Uriarte
Flowers: 5 Floristeria Mood Shop
Wedding dress: Dolores Promesas
Groom’s suit: Señor
Hair ornament: Secretos de Alcoba
Make-up: Ica García Salón
Bow tie and Cuff links: UBO Shop
Live Music: Zapping Trio
DJ: Discomóvil Tarragona, Gabriel Patricio
Decoration: L’Avellana

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