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We love good cuisine!

Posted on Jun 27, 2018 by in Dream Weddings | 0 comments

Hello family !!! How is the week going? We are fully engaged in the weddings of this season. We still have a «hangover» from this weekend wedding and putting our feet (and everything possible) in the pool whenever we have some free time. In fact I am considering moving the office to the pond … It’s so hot!

Today I will talk about the unconventional wedding of Marta and Pere. It was two years ago… ahhhh how time goes by … but I was willing to show you this personal deco. Ready? Then… enjoy the meal!

Marta and Pere are a couple of entrepreneurs in the world of catering and meat sector. In addition, Pere has a great passion for the kitchen, as well as being a very good cook (it seems that his friends are queuing to go to his house) so we opted for a deco inspired by the kitchen and the restoration.



The ceremony was a good moment to recover the cuisine from Massimo’s «nonna», we painted it white with fruits and vegetables that we painted blue. We also hung kitchen utensils next to the grooms bank, to frame them better. Here my two crazy creators, Massimo & Javier (5floristeriamoodshop) went crazy, again… XD


We chose the colors based on the typical vichy quilting table cloths (the graphic was also related to this style) and for this reason we made a vichy tablecloth in grey and white for the banquet that was prepared under the tent at the back of the house.


For the sitting we used cutting woods and cookery attrezzo along with the squared tablecloths. So cute! We also used the wood to cut to put the table numbers, everything to keep up with the motto of the wedding «We love good cuisine!».

Who does not like good cuisine? We love it, because eating is a pleasure! That’s why we were so eager to share this fun deco with you.

Now I am leaving, the mini is asking for my attention… and I am quite hungry with all that food pictures! 😉

A super kiss!

DATE: June 2016
Catering: Cal Blay
Photos: Sara Lázaro
Gown: Rosa Clará
Flowers: 5 Floristería Mood Shop
Decoration: L’Avellana

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